Formally founded in 1964, the Tavel Realty Group is a commercial real estate company with its offices in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company has succeeded by working with market leading, stable, promotion minded tenants, and by doing whatever is needed to improve both the properties it manages as well as the business of the tenants it serves.

Our view is that it takes more than just a well placed geographic location for all parties to succeed in a real estate transaction. Access, visibility and signage are but three of the hallmarks of a successful site. It also takes synergy with adjacent and related tenants as well as a cooperative environment for joint marketing and promotion.

Achieving these things takes time, but the result is worth the effort and yields long term, stable and mutually profitable relationships unencumbered by constant relocation and rebuilding costs. With some extraordinary existing properties and a pipeline of developing properties with potential just waiting to be realized, Dr. Tavel’s Realty Group has a wide variety of locations and properties to fit your needs.